About us

Why choosing us?

We are a UК owned and managed company with a successful Furniture Package business operating in Bulgaria. Our staff are bilingual with considerable local knowledge and experience teamed with an ability to provide a first class service that our international clients expect.

Having established ourselves in the Furniture Packages business we have been able to draw upon the experiences of our customers in the aftermath of them realizing their investment. Many have struggled with complex unfamiliar laws, customs and general etiquette of the way things are done in Bulgaria.

Over the years we have given friendly advice to property investors as we are seen to be a trusted point of contact due to our excellent customer service and friendly, approachable staff. Management of customer properties has therefore been a frequent request to us and is a natural progression due to our industry and local knowledge.

As a company we are able to effectively drawn upon our existing resource network of technicians, cleaners, and maintenance workers that we have established over the years which maximizes the benefit for our customers.

In order to ensure the high level of service our customers deserve we will only be operating in Sofia where our office is based. This enables us draw upon our existing resources and knowledge, hence ensuring a quality and personal service.