Additional services

Once you have purchased your property the reality is that there will still be some minor improvements and ‘snagging’ to be rectified before occupation and furniture installation. It is imperative that your apartment is in a finished state before the final payment is made to your purchaser. We will deal with all your enquiries regarding the snagging on your apartment. A checklist of snagging for your apartment will be completed whilst monitoring the progress and informing you when the apartment is fit for habitation. Checklist available in both English and Bulgarian (to speed up the developers). This costs is 200 EURO+ depending on bedrooms
Video walk around is available for 40 EUROS.


This is service is free for long term lettings in between lets. For short term letting you will have to pay a cleaning fee for each new let. The prices are as follows and includes laundry and preparation for the guest:

1 Bedroom: 30 EUR
2 Bedroom: 35 EURO
3 Bedroom: 40 EURO
NB. Other necessary requirements such as toilet roll, soap etc and basic groceries can be supplied for a fee. Price on application.


Window cleaning, re-tiling, plumbing, painting etc. Price on application


This is normally free of charge to subscribe with a provider. However a Power of Attorney will be required if you wish for us to sign on your behalf. Normally the monthly internet provider cost is between 10-20 EURO dependent on the plan. Price on application


This is normally free of charge to subscribe with a provider. The monthly cost varies according to the plan. However a Power of Attorney will be required if you wish for us to sign on your behalf.
Price on application.


Key cutting: Price on application as it is dependent on the key.
Lock changes: Price on application as it is dependent on the door.

  • Power of Attorney:

Arranging this and providing you with a document (after your needs are discussed) is free. If you are not be able to attend a signing in Bulgaria you will have to have the document notarised in the UK through your solicitor and then the document needs to be apostilled in order to be recognized in Bulgaria. The apostilled document will than need to be notarised in Bulgaria by ourselves. We do not charge for this service however you will be obliged to pay the notary in Bulgaria of the apostilled document which can cost approximately 25 EURO.

  • Online bank accounting:

The banking system in Bulgaria is different to our online banking where before you can log in you will need a ‘certificate’ installed on your computer. This can be done by downloading a disk. If we are not authorised by yourselves to operate the account this will need to be couriered or posted to you. There will be a charge of what the local cost will be. Also the bank will require a minimal nominal amount to open the accounts.

  • Insurance

Correct insurance is recommended to safeguard your investment. We can organize and negotiate this on your behalf and send you quotes of 2 reputable insurers for free. However you will be expected to pay the premium of cover.

  • Short term letting license:

The property must be licensed for short-term letting. We are able to prepare the necessary paperwork and apply for a license. Price on application.

  • Tax return

Some investors have formed companies to purchase a property. Every company (including dormant ones) is obliged to prepare an annual tax report for its business activities and submit it to the local tax office before 15th April each year. There are fines for not submitting the annual tax declaration on time. Tax authorities are increasingly becoming active in enforcing this.
If your company is receiving rental income, it is considered as a fully operational company which means a lot of paperwork, invoicing, tax payment and the services of a qualified accountant is required. Your accountant will issue invoices, represent your company, pay tax advances as well as all other necessary actions required. For dormant companies (registered only to own a property) there is a charge of approximately 200 EURO which will cover the annual tax report and submission to the local tax office. If your company is operational the fees payable to an
accountant is on a monthly basis and starts from 100 EURO per month.

  • Incorporation of a company:

You may wish to set up a Bulgarian company although the benefits are better when owning more than one property. Price on application.