How will I pay the bills or repairs?

Firstly you will need to register with the associated utility/service providers. This is a free service on our behalf but there are some administrative charges you have to cover. Long term tenants will be obliged to pay their own bills. However you can choose what is most convenient for you from a number of options if your apartment is vacant or you are renting on a short term basis:

  • Paid directly by yourselves
  • Paid to us and then we can distribute accordingly
  • We can deduct it from your rent
  • If you have a Bulgarian bank account we can also pay directly from it (subject to a limited Power of attorney granted by yourselves)

If you are renting on a long term basis your tenants will be responsible for bills unless otherwise agreed. However to give you peace of mind we will also register access on the accounts with the utility companies to check that the bills are being paid and notify you of any changes.

In regards to maintenance works required you will need to transfer the funds or you can have a floating bond in our designated client account which is returnable to you. A bond system is where you place a chosen sum of money in our client account where we will pay after consent. If we are holding the Tenants deposit we can deduct it from there but it will need to be topped up when the tenant leaves if no money is to be retained.

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