Why use our services?

We relieve you of the hassle of having to source English speaking agents and dealing with the follow up pressures of having your apartment rented and maintained. The procedure of renting a property on your own can take considerable time and as it is unlikely that your apartment will be let out in one visit. You may need subsequent visits, as once a Tenant is found the rental agreement is always between the landlord and tenant and it is your responsibility to deal with any issues or needs of the Tenant that may arise. However by using our service you are relieved of these inconveniences. We will also arrange and complete on your behalf all aspects of the tenancy agreements in compliance with regulations and current laws.

In the UK most reputable Letting agents will offer full management for a fee or percentage of the rent however this is more rare in Sofia as it is not as developed as the coastal and ski resorts. Please see our comprehensive inclusive list of services in Maintenance and Management.

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